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Co-working Space

Fikra’s co-working space is an environment to give entrepreneurs the flexibility and inspiration they need to grow their startups.
That means an open co-working space full of like-minded people and equipped with emerging technologies and gadgets
including a 3D Printer, Interactive Screens, VR, and fast Internet. Our members also have access to a free coffee break,
as well as a wide range of books that they can borrow from Fikra’s library.

As the largest startup ecosystem in Palestine, we build bridges between startups, freelancers and corporates fostering an
environment that inspires learning and growth.  The diversification of our co-working space members means that co-workers
have unique skill sets that they can provide to other community members.

With the inspiring interior design of our co-working space, the range of Fikra events provide the perfect balance between work
and fun, Fikra is where startups grow!

You can become a Fikra community member by submitting an application