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Access to Local Markets

Reliable market access boosts productivity, increases traction and facilitates scaling. Palestinian market serves another purpose for most startups who are aiming to scale; it is often used for piloting and initial testing of their products or applications. This step allows them to get a feel of the demand on their products as well as collecting data and feedback that provides insight to any additions or changes that need to be made.

As Fikra is part of the Paltel Group companies, our members and network of entrepreneurs can gain easier access to Jawwal, Paltel and Hadara subscribers, which reaches up to 3 Million users. This helps boost and speed up the testing and development process.

Entrepreneurs also get facilitated access to Jawwal’s local e-wallet; Jawwal Pay, which solves the local payment problem for startups. Likewise, mobile application that are integrated with Jawwal 3G services and Jawwal Pay will be featured on Jawwal App Store for quick distribution to Jawwal subscribers.