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About Fikra

Fikra Innovation Hub, the Paltel corporate program that supports entrepreneurship, provides a place where individuals and teams can grow their technologies and businesses. It is a creative space for entrepreneurs with innovative ideas who need to access physical infrastructure, capacity building, and mentoring.
Together with our diverse network of members and partners, Fikra aims to lead the transformation process of the ecosystem, as means to enable entrepreneurs and freelancers to experiment with their ideas and minimum viable products, validate them and scale them.
We open our co-working doors to entrepreneurs, provide them with free space and latest technologies; empower them through training sessions and mentorship, connect them with a wide network and, in some cases, provide equity-based funding being the first Corporate Venture Capital in Palestine.


Mission & Vision

Our vision is to create a thriving, collaborative community of co-workers that believe in shared knowledge, productivity and positive social and economic impact.

Thus, our mission is to prepare entrepreneurs to discover and explore their interests and to equip them with the knowledge, skills, infrastructure and funding necessary to successfully execute on their ideas.

 Fikra’s co-working space is not only a platform to create a positive impact in the lives of individuals; it can also have a positive impact within the wider global community, which is why we aim to become a leading innovation hub in the MENA region.

Our Team
Laith Kassis


Iyad Jaradat

Head of Innovation Programs

Alaa Fatayer

Head of Innovation and Entrepreneurship