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Often labeled a“gig economy”, the construction sector is relatively unstable due to its cyclical nature. Worker rates are not regulated, consistent jobs are hard to find and reputation is difficult to scale. For contractors, retaining “good” construction workers is not a difficult task as they are in high demand. Most importantly, in the Levant & North African markets, there are no vetting methods to streamline the recruitment process. Accordingly, a lot of time is being wasted due to the manual process and lack of technology involved.
We are connected to this industry and have seen the pain points from our own experiences in dealing with this sector especially in the Palestinian context where labor is unstable due to the current political situation. Amal is a transparent construction-to-contractor digital network. Utilizing the latest machine learning technology, Amal’s service gets bespoke, crowd-sourced information to help create reliable matches and help users optimize the resources based on reports and management tools (such as Time attendance, location tracking, communication channels, budgeting reports and smart scheduling)