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Case X is a Design for Tech Innovation company, founded by Emil and Kareem Kort to provide design & tech solutions to enhance user experiences with their laptops for artists by artists. Their first product (Case X Genesis I) is the world’s very first MacBook Pro protective cover with integrated SSD data storage (patent pending). Case X is 14 times faster than a normal external hard drive, this much faster data transfer rate creates a seamless transition of data from the case (external SSD) to the computer which is very needed by music producers, graphic designers, animators and similar creatives; as their work usually heavily relies on external files that are large in size, and fast transfer speeds will make their workflow much more efficient.
Digital Nomads in need of their dropbox files offline when traveling or have no internet connection can backup their cloud storage directly on Case X allowing easy and consistent accessibility, and finally power users such as Architects and Engineers that use many computer software programs like AutoCad Architecture, Solidworks, and Revit only to name a few only run on Windows. These power users can now boot into Windows and other operating systems off of Case X without needing to give away portions of their internal SSD which causes their device to get slower.